Seth has written a lot of web applications. This is an overview of some of the best software that he has developed to date.

The School-wide Information System (SWIS)

Schools spend a lot of time an energy managing student behavior. Even worse, the expense put into management rarely improves the school environment or puts more time into teaching. That's where SWIS comes in. SWIS is a web application embedded in a systems change strategy. It helps schools put their resources where they will do the most good. They spend less time managing problem behaviors and more time teaching.

Currently, around 10% of schools in the U.S.A. use SWIS, plus schools in Canada, Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, and Australia.

Check-In Check-Out (CICO)

The majority of problem students in a school can be successful when given a bit of extra support. CICO is a system for helping schools implement and manage the additional scaffolding that allows these students to thrive.

The Individual Student Information System (ISIS)

Students who needs a lot of specialized, intensive support need an amazing system for helping manage the complex tasks and data needs. This is what ISIS does in an extremely intuitive and efficient way. Using and full ajax web client, the system offers a fully unbroken end-to-end experience.

Response Hound

Published under the simplified BSD license, Response Hound is a testing framework used to test JSON based APIs. It's build on top of the open source PHPUnit project and allows for end to end integration testing of APIs using the standard tools that developers already know.