About Me

Seth May is a family man, a cyclist, a software developer, and a technology enthusiast.


Seth has a wonderful wife and 2 great kids that he enjoys spending as much time with as possible. He is also an avid competitive cyclist (road, cross) and quite involved as a cycling official. He organizes and help run the yearly OBRA (Oregon Bicycle Racing Association) Officials training. This includes writing much of the material for these trainings, printing, event registration and coordination and training 50 new officials each year.


Seth has been developing with PHP since 2000 and has extensive (10+ years) experience working in WISP (Windows, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, PHP) based environments. He has well rounded experience using design patterns, MVC & MVP, test-driven development, and various frameworks.

In addition to PHP, Seth has extensive experience in database development, especially using Microsoft SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008) and, to a lesser degree, MySQL. This includes the design and development of complex databases schemas, complete with the tables, queries, stored procedures, views, triggers and indexes that go along with them.


Seth is the primary author and original developer of the School-wide Information System (SWIS) and numerous related applications. He is currently working on GWT/PHP based applications using Google Web Toolkit (GWT/JAVA) to develop javascript based RIA web clients that connect to a PHP based servers using JSON for data exchange.

Seth is also the creator and maintainer of the largest research database on student problem behavior in the world.

Seth currently works as a team lead and Software Developer / Assistant Researcher for the top ranked College of Education's Educational and Community Supports research unit at the University of Oregon.